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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward


Let’s have another introduction from the pack. Grace is dog #1. She is the oldest at six years and affectionately described as “Dumb as a box of rocks”. She is all about goofing around with toys, playing fetch and reaching a goal.

If the goal is on the other side of a fence, she will chew, dig, scrape, ram or anything that it takes to get to the other side. She could set her sites on a soda can and there would be no stopping her once it was the target of her fancy. So, unluckily, unless supervised, she has to be tied even though her area is fenced.

Grace - Golden Retriever

If you need a kid friendly dog, a Golden Retriever is a great breed. Pure breeding is focused on certain traits and can be used as a guide for temperament. Hybrids and mutts can be good choices too.

A calm puppy is the best choice any way you go as they will be the easiest to train. Training Tip: All dogs need meal time to be quiet and non-competitive. Making sure that your dog is used to hands touching them, while they are eating, is crucial for safety.

Supervised Meal Time

If you plan to bring an adult dog into the family, have it tested for aggression. Although fixable, it is not advisable to start with this type of problem if you have little humans in the house. People without vulnerable family members (having faces level with sharp teeth) are better suited to attempt repair on aggressive behavior.

When you get the right match and care for them properly, a dog will be your loyal companion, protector of your flock and source of unconditional love.

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