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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

The best part of having a chicken coop is the cleaning – false. Please keep this in mind when you design yours. Easy access is crucial to taking care of this chore.

Keeping your birds dry is very important, so designs with mesh bottoms work great and also make for easy clean-up. But, you do have to think about bad weather and a spot to avoid the cold, drafts, snow and rain. If nesting boxes are open, they need to be in an area with a roof and side walls.

Main Coop

Bantam Chicken Coop

The best way to keep fowl is to give them a few choices. Horizontal perches, boxes with just a hole for them with a door for you and a well-ventilated sheltered structure that you are able to stand in are all good combination designs.

Some prefer the chicken tractor which is movable. Most versions are shaped like a long 3D rectangle. At one end is a closed nesting box with a latched and hinged flap at the back for egg collection. The rest is safe caged pen. You can avoid creating a muddy area and protect your birds from predators, while allowing them something similar to free ranging.

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