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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward


Well, I can’t really go any farther with this Blog without introducing “The Big Man Dakota”. Lovingly referred to as “Big Man”, he is the pride and joy of Farmette 1769. His greatest contributions are shear beauty and a shining example of resilience.

Big Man has been here with us since September 2008. He is 6 years old and 95% blind. He is completely healthy. It is just that he was either accidentally splashed or purposely sprayed in the face with some type of strong chemical, the latter being more likely. His arrival can best be described as the reaction of a cat when you are trying to put it in a tub full of water. It took until last month to get tack on him.

Semi-Tacked Big Man

We were both covered with mud by the time the saddle made it onto the out of place blanket with the bridle dangling on the brink of failure. He was quite surprised with the new feel, but may have had some training, since there was no kick or buck involved. There was just a well orchestrated dance to keep the saddle from settling in a solidly parked state.

It took approximately 45 minutes to get the bit in, which he objected to with much head tossing and tongue action. Since he is very sensitive, a light bit was used. But, that reaction made me wonder just how much he’d been worked with.

Facing only fear with absolutely no aggression was positively the incentive to transform him from pasture ornament to riding partner. On the third tacked session with him, the bit took a minute to get in, and I carefully steered him around the pasture and up the driveway using both reins separately (instead of the normal one handed Western style neck reining).

Big Man is such a gift. And surprisingly, now has his very own transportation job on the Farmette.

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