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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Hi You’all, Welcome to Farmette 1769… your simple source for getting back to basics, combining our high tech lives with the richness of simple living. We are the ultimate technology meets dirt information location on the web.

I will get back to the story of how we got here, but our current life centers around Farmette 1769.

A bit less than 5 acres, there is room for only so much. We can’t have a herd of cows (as much fun as the sound of mooing would be). Although we are not currently vegetarians and are tempted to pull out the frying pan when the layers (chickens) are on strike, we cannot bring ourselves to eat any of our animals. However, dairy is part of our intended produce.

We’ll slowly introduce each member of our extended family, starting with our top contributor. Although he is quite a villain, he clears out brush like there is no tomorrow and services our nanny.


Billy aka Bastard

He is an intact male Nigerian Dwarf billy goat affectionately referred to as a “Bastard”. Mistakenly, we played “Let’s butt heads” when he was young, not knowing that the testosterone would kick into a strong sense of territory and leadership. And then the horns started to grow – quickly. Although he will walk on a leash, Billy starts his day by trying to kill us.

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